Women We Love: Coach Heather


Women We Love: Coach Heather

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every Wonder Women! At ChicksLift, it’s ALWAYS Women’s Day – we exist to empower and inspire women to train the right way for their bodies and gain confidence in their own skin. Strength training has so many benefits for women, but many are afraid or intimidated to incorporate it into their exercise routine. We want all women to stop shying away in the corner of the gym and start learning from, and with, a bunch of awesome like-minded females – just like ChicksLift Coach, Heather. We recently caught up with Heather to find out why she devotes so much time and passion to helping women lift weights with pride…

CL: You always look so fit and healthy, how do you manage it?

H: Thanks! Like everyone I have my good days and bad days! Early last year I had a major ‘aha moment’ when I realised I knew better than what I was doing to myself and really worked hard with my nutrition and exercise to get back to my version of fit and healthy! Sports have always been a big part of my life (netball and tennis when I was younger) and now training and playing Gridiron keeps me active when I can’t fit in extra time at the gym!

CL: Fave lifting exercise & why?

H: I LOVE Olympic lifting! Cleans are the best lifting exercise ever! While it takes a little time to get the technique right the benefits are huge! Like a deadlift and a squat put together with the added bonus of feeling extra powerful as you move heavy weight fast!

CL: What’s your fitness philosophy?

H: Train smarter not harder. As I sports coach I try to develop thinking athletes and it’s the same in the gym – never do anything without a really good reason or you just make yourself tired and not better!

CL: Why are you a Coach?

H: I love to help people get better and really reach their potential! I love to share my knowledge and help people figure out how amazing they can be! I know it sounds cliche! I also absolutely live vicariously through my athletes/clients, their success is my success and it’s a great feeling!!

CL: Why should Women lift weights?

H: Firstly it’s the confidence boost you get when you feel strong! Secondly, when you gain muscle you boost your metabolism (great for when those chocolate cravings strike – you’re body knows how to use it as extra energy!) and thirdly you lose cm’s! We know muscle is heavier than fat so at a given weight you end up being much smaller!

CL: What’s your definition of beautiful?

H: Beauty is confidence which stems from loving yourself. When you love yourself you make good choices, take care of yourself, and the result shines as beauty to all the people around you!

CL: How do you reward all your hard work?

I treat myself to breakfast or lunch at a cafe almost every day. It’s easier to make good food choices early in the day compared with a night out (and even the “bad” ones aren’t so bad!) and it’s time out for myself to read a book and slow down!

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