The Strong Girls Gym Bag


The Strong Girls Gym Bag

Strong Women Have These 7 Things in Their Gym Bags — You should too!

1. Protein snack
The strong woman needs fuel to perform her best. And she knows it makes all the difference when it’s high in protein as it will prevent her energy from dropping during a long session in the gym or straight after. Protein bars, peanut butter, protein powder (with shaker bottle), almonds and bananas are on high rotation!

2. Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is key to optimal performance. The strong woman knows this and ups her H2O intake during strenuous weights sessions.

3. Weight training gloves
She protects her hands against calluses and cuts with weight training gloves. Plus, her hands are kept healthy by limiting direct contact with shared gym equipment.

4. Weightlifting Shoes
The increased ankle flexibility that proper weightlifting shoes provide, greatly assists the strong woman to squat, snatch, and clean to her full potential.

5. Deodorant
Because no one wants to smell like they’ve just lifted a PB!

6. Hair elastics
Messy bun = getting it done!

7. A powerful playlist (+ good headphones)
The strong girl has a playlist so powerful it takes her from ‘bubbly’ to ‘beast-mode’ in just a few seconds. Her killer lift sesh includes some confidence-boosting Kanye, some head-banging NERO, A$AP Rocky for intensity and loads of Beyoncé & RiRi magic to get the girl-power feels going.


Ladies, it’s time to load your phone or iPod with killer tunes and pack your bag – it’s a ‘lift’ off!