To create growth and real beauty for women, both physically and mentally.


Chicks Lift helped me believe
‘I am strong and beautiful’.

At chicks lift, we want to inspire women to train the right way for their bodies and gain confidence in their own skin. Strength training has so many benefits for women, but many are afraid or intimidated to incorporate it in their exercise routine. Put less time into your training, and spend more time doing what you want to be doing. Lifting heavy weights will not make you look like a man!

Ladies are now finally starting to become educated about the benefits of weight training and the effect it can have on the overall look and performance of their body. We have recognized that currently there is no dedicated strength program to ensure correct coaching, education and progression for females. Strength training offers so many benefits for females including:
     ‐    Increase metabolism
     ‐    Create a lean physique
     ‐    Burn more calories
     ‐    Empowers you and gives you confidence
     ‐    Strengthen your bones
     ‐    Healthier heart
     ‐    Reduced joint pain
     ‐    Reduced body fat %

Our Mission

Introducing Chicks Lift the first dedicated strength and conditioning training program for females of its kind. Stop pretending to do weights in the corner of the gym, come and learn and get the benefits of regular strength training with other like-minded females.