Lifting for a Flat Tummy


Lifting for a Flat Tummy

Good news ladies! You don’t need to do 100 crunches at the end of your training session or smash an intense Ab Class to get a flat tummy. By keeping your movements smart and controlled whilst lifting weights you can engage all of your abdominal muscles which helps tighten and tone your mid-section. Furthermore, you’ll improve balance and overall strength! 

Here’s our Top 3 Focus Points for targeting your tummy in a ChicksLift session and seriously sculpting your core:

1. Focus on Breathing

When using weights, hold your abdominal wall tight through all movements and concentrate breathing deeply into your abdomen. This stimulates inner muscles located in your pelvic region and helps engage your deep core muscles which are often neglected in weight training. Effective breathing techniques can also promote a strong metabolism by improving blood flow, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you relax and aiding sleep.

Extra Tip: Do some deep breathing before you exercise. This makes you more conscious of your breathing once you’re lifting those heavy weights!

2. Focus on Form

Whether you’re squatting, lunging or pressing, correct form engages the entire mid-section giving you a complete core workout. If you’re unsure of your form, always seek the advice of a professional such as one of our ChicksLift Coaches.

3. Focus on the Full Range of Motion

For best results, you should always strive for good form and full range of motion. When it comes to sculpting your abs, each exercise completed to it’s full range will stimulate and engage both the internal and external abdominal muscles putting you in good stead for that bikini bod!

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