How to rock a cheat day


How to rock a cheat day

“Cheat days,” or planned days of nutritional splurges, can both help and hinder a healthy lifestyle. For some people it helps them better adhere to weekly healthy eating plans, offering a mental reprieve from counting calories or macros. While for others, a cheat day simply opens the gates to a cheat week. We all know how hard it can be to get back on the wagon once we’ve had a taste of the foods we love to indulge in most but for some individuals this can lead to an overall loss of control, making it harder than ever to switch back to healthy eating.

“It really is all about the individual” says Coach Sarah. What works for one person can have the complete opposite effect on another. So, with this in mind, we asked four of our ChicksLift ladies if they indulge in Cheat Days and put together a list of their handy tips to help make it work for you:

Plan your indulgences around special occasions. No one wants to be the ‘Boring Betty’ at a party who doesn’t eat or drink anything so choose celebrations as your time to relax on the rules. Unless you’re one of the Housewives of Melbourne this should also mean cheat days are less frequent, leaving more time to focus on eating a variety of fresh, nutrient rich foods every other day. – Selena, 30

Everything in moderation. I’ve learnt that I’m much gentler on myself if I have a few small indulgences throughout the week instead of one big binge. I feel less guilty and more in control this way. – Lucy, 25

I spoil myself with non-food treats. Sometimes this is a relaxing massage or facial, other times it’s a new dress. At the moment I’ve got a pair of new Nikes on layby and I put money on them at the end of every training week. – Francesca, 28

Swap cheat days for just cheat meals. This way you’re more likely to eat healthy thought the rest of the day. I also try to have my cheat meal on a big ChicksLift training day so I feel more balanced. – Emma, 19

And remember ladies, even if you do totally fall off your healthy diet wagon one day, you should never give up all together – don’t feel guilty, just move on!

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