Debunking the masculine myth


Debunking the masculine myth

The question we get asked more than any other is “Will lifting weights make me look bulky and masculine?”, and the simple answer is ‘No’. Here’s 5 reasons why… 

1. Testosterone 10:1

Testosterone – found in both men and women – is the primary muscle-building hormone and men typically have about ten times more of it than women. Therefore, it could be suggested that it’s ten times harder for women than men to gain an incredible amount of muscle mass. So, unless you intend to artificially increase your testosterone levels, you will not be mistaken for a man after hitting the weights!

2. Female Muscle Types

Women have smaller muscle cross-sectional areas which means smaller overall gains than their male counterparts. Sorry ladies but to show off your muscle gains, you may actually need to flex!

3. Role of Diet

An important component of muscle gain, your diet has a huge influence on how you look and should not be underestimated in any fitness program. Because females typically have smaller bone size and less muscle mass they generally don’t consume enough calories to create the ‘manly muscle mass’.

4. Everyone is Different

Our physiques are attributed to much more than how much weight we’re lifting in the gym. Genetics, diet and exercise all play important parts in how we look and how much muscle we show. By designing a training regime that reflects both what you want to look like and how you want to perform can lead you down the path of your ideal physique.

5. Evidence tells us otherwise

Countless studies have shown that women who do resistance training are stronger, leaner, and healthier than women who do not. For women, weight training helps add bone density (to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis), provides stress relief, can improve sleep… and so much more!

And don’t forget, whilst we may not want to look more ‘masculine’, this doesn’t mean women can’t be as strong as men – you most certainly can! 

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